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Spring is here and you're ready to soak up the warmer weather and roll down the windows for a bit of fresh air.

Before you hit the Spring roads, however, you'd be smart to bring your car to American Ford for a round of seasonal service.

Winter is one of the most trying times of the year for any vehicle. A few simple procedures can go a long way toward ensuring it's running at its best. What would we recommend?

  • A general inspection to make sure there's no post-Winter problems you should handle.
  • A tire swap to remove your winter tires and install new tires appropriate for the Spring roads.
  • An oil change to make sure the oil in your car is optimal for warmer temperatures.
  • Brake maintenance and battery inspections to check on the health of these vital components.

Even a little bit of basic service will be enough to help you get the best out of your car this Spring. We might even have a seasonal special or two available that can help you cut costs on the service you're most keen on.

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Contact Our Dealership Today to Learn More

Does seasonal service sound like a smart idea to you? Reach out to our service team today and let them know you're ready! We'll talk to you about our current service specials and help you find a good time to come and visit our maintenance team.

It doesn't matter if you're driving a Ford or something else entirely. Our service experts have the tools, parts, and expertise to give your care the Spring care it needs.

Don’t wait. Contact our service center today and get the ball rolling on the service your car deserves.

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